Construction cost estimates have different purposes depending on who performs the calculation. For example, an engineering firm estimates costs to be used as a guide for construction and bidding. Contractors, on the other hand, provide cost estimates where they aim for a competitive price while achieving a reasonable profit.

Cost estimates are necessary when tracking the construction process. The completed work can be compared with the planned work to determine if the project is on schedule, while the cumulative cost is compared with the budgeted cost

  • If the total cost is more than the budgeted amount, there are two possible outcomes: either the project is running over budget (an unfavorable situation) or the work is finished ahead of schedule (a favorable scenario).
  • Project managers can reach conclusions by comparing planned costs, actual costs, and the scope of work completed.

A significant estimation error might have dire repercussions because cost is a crucial factor in many project choices. Underestimating construction costs has an impact on contractors as well as project owners. Usually, the person who made the mistake has to pay the additional expenses. Owners can find themselves overspending, and contractors would have to finish projects at a loss or with lower earnings than planned.

Cost Estimation are also helpful when examining actions that enhance the performance of buildings in general. Although these actions raise the project’s budget, they may eventually result in bigger gains. The following are some examples of measures that make buildings more expensive initially, in exchange for high savings during operation and maintenance:

  • LED lighting fixtures can achieve electricity savings of 30% to 90% compared with conventional lighting systems. Also, they last a lot longer, which eventually saves a lot of lamp replacements.
  • Water-cooled chillers and variable Refrigerant Flow Systems are two of the most energy-efficient air conditioning solutions for large spaces. For small-scale applications, ductless mini-splits with a high nameplate efficiency are advised.

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Accurate cost estimation is the cornerstone of any successful construction project. It allows you to make informed decisions, secure funding, and avoid costly surprises down the line. However, developing an accurate and comprehensive estimate can be a complex task, especially for projects with intricate details, unique requirements, or tight budgets.

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